Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Gamat and Waanie

One day, Gamat was driving his Cortina down Voortrekker Road when he saw his bra, Waanie, driving a brand new BMW M3. Gamat pulled up next to him with so a moerse smile that all his gold teeth showed. He asks:"Waanie my
broe, where did you chise this vark BM, it look jass my broe!

"Moena gave it to me" Waanie says.

"She gave it to  you! I knew that kin smaaked you, but a new vark M3???"

"Jaa my broe, lemme wys you gou the nommer: We were driving on a gravel road, in the middle of nowhere.

She parked the car, jumped out, took off  all her clothes and shouted: "Waanie, take whatever you want ''.

Kyk hie, I tjek mos "SALLLLUTE" so I took the car!

"Jarrre Waanie, you mos
k@k slim! Her clothes would mos never have fitted you!!!

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